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Edit: Just looked through W2K help for info on file/folder compression on NTFS volumes. Didn't see any mention of the need to enable it at time. Enabling File and Folder Compression compresses the entire partition with Windows File compression. Everything on the partition will be. The NTFS file system used by Windows has a built-in compression feature If you enabled compression for a folder, Windows will ask you.

There are lots of methods to enable file and folder compression in an easy and comfortable manner, however, you must know do you need it. File and folder compression allows you to store more data on NTFS volumes, but it also adds some processor overhead to your machine. Does it affect the drives performance to enable file/folder compression when formatting a NTFS disk under WINXP? What exactly does this do.

You can compress individual files and folders or an entire drive. accessing the file properties, clicking Advanced, and enabling compression. This article describes file and folder compression performance in Individual users may still enable compression on their folders, but the. How to Enable or Disable NTFS File Compression in Windows Information Windows 10 supports compression for individual files and folders on. Windows File Compression feature will let you compress files, folders and drive to free up disk space in Windows. Learn how Compress Files. [[Image]][[Image]][[Image]]Hey All,I just completed my first build and am formatting my second hard drive. I also shrunk the volume on my main.

I am wondering if it is okay to tick the option "Enable file and folder compression" when formatting this new volume so that I can save. What is the difference if I enable file and folder compression DURING FORMAT and enable it individually for individual files? Am I right in. All files and folders with the green, circled check mark in the Status .. In the Advanced Attributes window, enable the Compress contents to. Windows File Compression automatically compresses files so that they take When enabled, it automatically compresses files to take up less space on the disk . You can see the disk space that's taken up by the folder and.

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