What does yahweh kumama mean

Eh Yahweh Kumama (Glorify the Lord) Lyrics by Adorons l'eternel (Gael) Kembo na nzambe, etondi mokili iii (God's glory, is going around the world) i would like to have the rest of the lyrics. it means a lot to me. thanks. kumama, form of a verb. infinitive: kokuma; time: (etinda) imperative (run! let's go! listen! ) person: second person singular (you); infixe: am: passive / state . Get lyrics of Eh yahweh kumama song you love. Nzambe na ngai, afandi na nkembo o okumama yahweh (I say my God is seated in glory, what do u mean.

AY YAHWEH KUMAMA (O LORD, Be Glorified) (Leviticus ; Isaiah ; John ; 2 Thess. ). Ay Yahweh Ay Yahweh kumama. Here's the full list of all the songs on the internet containing the lyrics: 'eh yahweh kumama meaning'. Yahweh is a proper name (like Peter) built out of the word for “I am.” It teaches us that God absolutely is.

1: Eh yahweh eh yaweh kumama repeat thrice Eh yahweh u've been eh yaweh kumama call we are so grateful lord my God myGod kumama. Eh Yahweh Kumama (Glorify the Lord)♬ Tongo etana, butu eyinda eh (The Dawn is breaking, wake up) Kembo na nzambe, etondi mokili iii (God's glory, is. TIKA NA NETOLA YO MAKASI NA NGAI OH KUMAMA YAHWEH EEEH EH YAHWEH EH YAHWEH KUMAMA KUMAMA YAHWEH. AMANDA MALELA - Kumama Lyrics | Afrika Lyrics (Music Lyrics & Translations) More videos. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit Oh Yahweh na ngai. Tika na. Listen to Chikondi banda Yahweh Kumama MP3 song. Yahweh Kumama song from the album Abenda Na Lesa is released on Sep The duration of song .

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