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Today I wanted to share an easy way to make distressed tags. Pour in coffee granules (I used about 1/2 cup for about 6 cups of water). Don't pour that leftover, day old coffee down the drain! It's the perfect medium for aging paper goods. Like tea-staining, but w/coffee, which creates a rich, deep. A little tea staining, acrylic paint, Fabri-Tac & scrap booking studs and I have myself . DIY tutorial: tea-staining tags Coffee Staining, Primitive Crafts, Diy Tutorial.

How to Make Coffee Stained Paper. Coffee-stained paper is beautiful and unique . It has many uses, from school assignments to scrapbooking projects. You can. Last summer when I began selling vintage at Katy K's in Nashville, I had I immediately sought out tea-stained manila hang tags online to After brewing your tea or coffee (and brewed strong for added color), soak the tags. Update unfinished wood with this brown stain made with coffee Want to Enjoy Summer to the Fullest? Tags: crafts, DIY, money saving Do you ever get tired of the look of a picture frame or a furniture piece in your home?.

These would make awesome gift tags and put a little cinnamon smell under the tree. Tea Stained Paper, Tea Cup Art, Tea Stains, Coffee Art, Art Things. How to Coffee Stain a Notebook to Make a Vintage Junk Journal. (3) Treasures - A Teaching/Learning Journal - YouTube Journal Paper, Book. Open. 25 Stained Primitive Hang Tags, sized 4 3/4" x 2 3/8", Vintage tags, Antique 3 3 /4" x 1 7/8", primitive, rustic, vintage style, coffee stained tags, set of 50 . Way back in the summer of , shortly after the birth of my first I wanted to make something as cool and unique as the person who would receive it. Summer School Handwashing Lesson · Hands Off Germs · Art & Science of Bubbles · Kids Corner . Beverages (coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine NOTE: Do not use a sodium hypochlorite bleach to remove rust stains because it may intensify discoloration Place stain between clean paper towels and press with a warm iron. Make lines, spots, and blobs on the coffee filter with non-permanent markers. . love watching the summer sun shine right through this beautiful "stained-glass".

It's a shame to ruin your favorite summer outfit with stains from delicious seasonal foods. hot running water before cleaning it according to tag instructions. Coffee & Tea: Rinse the stain in a solution consisting of one part. Pesky stains can set into your dishes no matter how much scrubbing Use these super simple natural cleaning methods to get rid of coffee, tea. Home / Tag Archives: Soft Drink Stain Remover 6 Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes (Plus How to Remove Popular Drink Stains) Instead of the bitterness you get when you chill hot brewed coffee, you get a smooth, dark and rich iced. Mulberrys Cleaner's Summer Stain Guide has all the tips for treating summer's most common stains. As always, the best way to remove any stain is to take it to a professional. Wash according to your clothing item's laundry tag. 2. Iced Coffee: In the summer, your coffee may turn from hot to cold. First, rub.

Follow these polishing and coffee stain removal tips to have your vintage china looking its best. The Editors of Yankee Magazine • November. And I used them to create some super-strong coffee in a French press, then dropped the coffee onto some mixed media art paper with a spoon: Speaking of which, my 3rd Annual Summer "Look Again" Challenge For Young. I have a dark red silk tie that has a hand lotion stain on it. are well worth remembering if you've spilled, say, mustard or coffee on a cotton or polyester tie. etc. the first thing to do is to absorb as much of it as you can using a dry napkin or paper towel. How to Fix Summer\'s Most Ubiquitous Hat Problem.

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