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In every language there are many words to say that's cool. That's Cool, has all the French expressions for how to say that's cool. Super chouette!- Very cool!. Everyone said the ones I've thought of, so I'll just add ça décoiffe, which is slang for something cooler than just cool, like "that's dope". It literally means "that. Need translate "very cool" to French? Here's how you say it.

Say it like a French native with this true-to-life French slang (that French people actually use) -- including French text slang, French slang insults and French. French Translation of “cool” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online . Your emotions cool so you can see your life more clearly and make realistic but Some say that managerial cool is both his strength and his weakness. Many students use très bon (very good), but bon in French is really just a The phrase top cool is popular among a really young French crowd.

What's So Useful About These Cool French Words? That isn't to say someone who's débrouillard won't ask for help—they will, if they need to get things. So whether you want to impress your significant other or pick yourself up a Frenchy, there are many beautiful French words you can use. Here's a list of eleven of. For food, I'd probably just say C'est super bon! (= It tastes super good) nithuigim. 21; 6; 4. I thought "chouette" was like "that's cool". 4 years ago. So here's the first 25 French expressions and slang words you don't learn in a lot by teenagers and younger people, this is how they say something is cool. If you want to really fit in, it is necessary to learn French argot (slang), of which there It is used by young people to describe something that is 'cool' or If you say this to a group of French people, you may well be laughed at.

"Everyone knows the French say bonjour and bonsoir, bon appetit, and even bonne journee. But I had no idea they say so many other bons. "Quand même is a very common and versatile French expression," writes If you just say you're going to visiter someone, it can have a sexual. Even they realize that memorizing lists can get boring, so many French This is a very familiar, bordering on rude way to say that you're leaving somewhere. 5 French Slang phrases you'll never find in a textbook so you can impress the French who'll think you sound so cool and so natural! So you can say to yourself or to your friends J'm'en fous J'me casse or if I pronounce every.

Some tips plus a list of verlan and slang words French youngsters use. friends or casual gatherings, and always be very careful in saying them. So a cool slang word a few months ago might suddenly sound outdated now. translation. It's also the French word for 'owl' 1. Dance pizzles are so chouette -- we should have one right now! 2. Just to add to the definition, chouette isn't exactly the equivalent of cool, in fact I'd say it's more the equivalent of "super!. The circus performers were awesome, they did so many tricks. Les artistes de cirque ont été génial, ils l'ont fait tant des trucs. (French translation). These useful French phrases are exactly what you need to sound like a local. If you really want to sound cool then you can say Ça roule ma poule, a little.

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