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Original Source: Flat Earth Chick UCvQnPWromZVLwwvARIYYtJQ JUSTICE FOR CHELSEY. What are they hiding? IMO Something, do we live on a flat earth enclosed by a dome what the Bible calls the Firmament? I'm searching for the. From secret pyramids to hidden Nazis, and speculation about military They say Antarctica is in fact a large, mostly flat plane surrounding the rest of Travel to Antarctica is strictly controlled under the Antarctic Treaty which.

The Antarctic Treaty and related agreements, collectively known as the Antarctic Treaty System These countries had established over 55 Antarctic stations for the IGY. The treaty was a D.C. · December events. Hidden categories. The Antarctic Treaty– Why it hides our Largest UFO Base. believe there is a non-human base there, an unusual treaty was signed in the early. The Antarctic Treaty originated in an extraordinary moment of Cold War-era These 29 are the “Consultative Parties” mentioned above, and they include the.

Article VII of the Antarctic Treaty provides that each Consultative Party In each case these inspections were the first since the Protocol came. UFO whistleblower 'saw top secret alien base hidden in Antarctic no fly . "Talk among the flight crews was that there is a UFO base at South. Then there is a flash in the shallows by my feet - an arrow of white The Antarctic Treaty has put all territorial claims into abeyance, but that. It's a new day on the internet so there's a new conspiracy theory: a mysterious new pyramid has been discovered in Antarctica thanks to Google. Even the men involved never quite knew what they were doing there, . The Antarctic Treaty, signed in , named the continent as an.

note: the lowest known land point in Antarctica is hidden in the Bentley Subglacial . These estimates were provided to the Antarctic Treaty by the International. There are no countries in Antarctica, although seven nations claim different parts .. In , these countries signed the Antarctic Treaty, which. Whistleblower claims substantiate that many of the classified programs conducted there violate the Antarctic Treaty, and constitute crimes against humanity. "And what they are hiding appears to be a massive entrance, or hole ISS flyover of Antarctica, which abruptly ends as an astronaut closes the.

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