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Dalit, meaning "broken/scattered" in Sanskrit and Hindi, is a term mostly used for the ethnic the economist and reformer B. R. Ambedkar (–), who included all depressed people irrespective of their caste into the definition of dalits. Dalit is the name given to the lowest caste of people in Indian society, who were formally referred to as "the untouchables." In Sanskrit, dalit means “divided,”. India's Constitution abolished “untouchability,” meaning that the dominant castes could no longer legally force Dalits to perform any “polluting” occupation.

Dalits, also known as "Untouchables," are members of the lowest social group in the Hindu caste system. The word "Dalit," meaning. Dalits are at the bottom of the Hindu caste system and despite laws to In Sanskrit, the word Dalit means suppressed, smashed, broken to. Dalit means "broken people." Dalits were formerly known as "untouchables." Dalits live at the bottom of India's rigid social order known as the caste system.

Definition of Dalit in US English - (in the traditional Indian caste system) a member of the lowest caste. They have also – through IDSN and by other means – managed to place caste system, according to which Dalits are considered 'outcasts'. Untouchable, also called Dalit, officially Scheduled Caste, formerly Harijan, in traditional Indian society, the former name for any member of a wide range of. Three groups were named but not clearly defined: 1) Schedules castes (roughly comprising Dalits). More than twenty Dalit caste groups exist in the country at present. [1] This means that the total Dalit population is 3,,, with Kami the largest group with.

Untouchability, a "direct product of the caste system" (Navsarjan n.d. c), means that Dalits often live segregated from the caste communities. Beneath the four main castes is a fifth group, the Scheduled Caste. They literally have no caste. They are the untouchables, the Dalits, which means oppressed. Thus Dalit in Sanskrit means “trampled upon” and refers to low caste (officially called Scheduled Castes) once treated as untouchables. 4. The word “Dalit”. ONE in six Indians is a Dalit, which means “oppressed” in Sanskrit. Upper- caste Hindus traditionally treated untouchables as agents of.

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